Knowledge Gathering with a Global Manufacturer

Commercial airliner taking off into the setting sunThe specialists with the international subsidiaries are getting taxis to the airport for their flights home. It’s been a full week of sharing and documenting their expertise. Relationships amongst the group have been strengthened and opportunities to transfer insights between one site and another have been identified…

So ends a typical knowledge-gathering workshop where long-standing employees with many years of experience share their expertise for the benefit of those coming after, and to strengthen the business’s position in its market. As with many organisations, succession planning with an ageing workforce is an increasingly pressing issue for this client. In this case, the organisation is setting up a specific training regime to teach new recruits the particular skills they will need to be successful contributors to the company, and to provide additional skills and awareness for other roles in the business.

Before the training programme can ramp up though, the relevant expertise relating to a number of specialist areas needs to be gathered. That’s where DKC comes in. Each of a number of key process areas is the subject of a knowledge gathering exercise in a rolling programme.

The length of service of some of the participants is impressive—30 plus years in several cases. These guys aren’t going to be around forever and that brings an urgency to the task.

Specialist independent facilitation of the knowledge gathering process helps client personnel focus on the key themes of the knowledge that needs to be set down and shared. As with many situations in organisations, it takes commitment, sometimes made to an external party, to set aside time to do the job properly (before it’s too late). DKC personnel are providing the majority of the effort required to gather all the knowledge in the disparate parts of the client organisations. Of course, even establishing a definite list of the knowledge the client holds is an important first step.

No begins the task of organising all the knowledge gathered and conversations recorded into a knowledge report. DKC has an experienced team of specialists well-used to the process and with a track record of delivering results that enable clients to focus on what’s important for their business.

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