Dynamic Knowledge Corporation Limited (DKC) is an independent company providing effective, knowledge management (KM) solutions arising from over 20 person-years of intensive research in the area of Knowledge Management, Elicitation and Exploitation. DKC’s KM solutions act to increase efficiency, reduce risk and costs and increase confidence within organisations by allowing personnel to make critical decisions faster and more accurately through having access to knowledge, experience and resources that can be used to inform decision-making processes. Based in Glasgow, DKC delivers end-to-end knowledge management solutions, including knowledge audits, knowledge elicitation seminars and interviews, and analysis of the captured knowledge. ┬áDKC is wholly-owned by its employees and directors.

The DKC knowledge capture methodology is:

  • Recognised internationally as the leading approach to tacit knowledge capture and representation within the Power Electricity Industry: DKC is currently involved with major international power utilities in this area.
  • Generic: DKC has conducted programmes with leading legal, accountancy, medical practices and government agencies.
  • Applicable to all organisations where the reliance on expertise and judgement is critical to the performance of the organisation.